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'Insecure' Star Jay Ellis Settles Legal Battle with Managers Over HBO Money

By Ryan Naumann

“Insecure” star Jay Ellis has reached a deal to end the legal battle accusing him of screwing over his former managers.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Ellis (who plays Issa Rae’s on-again, off-again love interest Lawrence Walker) has hashed out a settlement deal with his former managers at Luber Roklin Entertainment.

The deal will dismiss all claims against the other and the case will officially be closed.

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Back in April, Luber Roklin Entertainment filed the lawsuit against Ellis accusing him of screwing them over on his HBO commissions.

The management company claimed to have represented Ellis for some time and were key in securing his role on Issa Rae’s show in 2016.

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Luber Rolkin claimed the deal was for 10% of all Ellis' compensation, and that in 2017 the actor had negotiated an "escalated episodic fee with HBO."

Ellis then allegedly began cleaning house and fired much of his team, including Luber Rolkin, who believed they were let go in a "transparent and intentional effort to avoid paying commissions clearly due and owing to multiple parties."

The management company said they were owed the 10% fee for seasons 1-2 of "Insecure," but claimed Ellis negotiated a much higher rate for the 3rd season, and beyond.


After the second season, fans of "Insecure" thought Issa was done with Lawrence ... and Rae even doubled down by saying she was done with the character. However, midway through the season he made a triumphant return and appears to be a permanent fixture in the popular show.

Luber Rolkin wasn’t sure how much money they were owed, as they weren’t privy to the terms of Ellis’ new deal with HBNO, but they sued demanding full accounting of the money he made and they wanted their cut paid in full.


Ellis had yet to file a response to the lawsuit or respond to the allegations in court.

The actor is having quite the moment coming off season 3 of "Insecure" and starred in the hit 2019 horror film "Escape Room" and has a role in the upcoming "Top Gun: Maverick" with Tom Cruise.

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