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The Sexiest Scenes From Iggy Azalea's 'Romy and Michele' Themed Music Video

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By Whitney Vasquez

Iggy Azalea channeled the 1997 favorite duo Romy and Michele for her newest music video, and it's pretty steamy!

The rapper put a raunchy, booty popping twist on her version of "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," for the video of her new single, "F*** It Up," which dropped on Friday.

Here are the scenes that are making us sweat.

The Car:


Azalea and her sidekick -- Kash Doll -- hit every scene from the movie to a T, but sexed it up a whole lot with some eye-popping changes.

The duo drove around in a drop top classic similar to the OG's, but Iggy's time on the road is a lot hotter than Romi, played by Mira Sorvino, and Lisa Kudrow's character, Michele's.

They grind, they show their booties to passersby, and the whole time we have no idea who's driving their car.

The Bed:


Iggy's known to twerk and her ass doesn't get any rest in this steamy video.

In the bedroom scene with Kash Doll, they stick true to her lyrics and really "f*** it up."

Wearing a cherry shirt and sporting pink hair, Iggy and the featured artist twerk around in booty shorts on beds that remind us of high school -- and it's pretty hot.

The Twerkers:


We have to give shout-outs to the dancers who work their asses off -- literally and figuratively -- with the choreography for this video.

There's dozens of females showing off their skills in front of a diner and we can't get enough.

We're literally sweating.

The Diner:


While the dancers dominate outside, it's Kash Doll who really shines at the "F** It Up" diner.

The rapper jumps up on the counter and shows she's a sexy, powerhouse while seducing all the men taking bites out of their burgers.

Dripping in diamonds, she and Iggy match in their tiny, pinstripe business suits, just like the Post-It founders Romy and Michele.

The Reunion:


When Iggy and Kash enter the reunion, all heads turn.

Showing off their tiny waists and big booties, the duo don the pink and blue outfits like the OGs ... expect these ones are entirely hotter.

Iggy oozes sex as the standout in her pink, leather mini.

Heather Mooney:


It's also completely necessary that we give a shout-out to Heather Mooney.

Her cynical attitude is far from sexy, but the fact Iggy knew it wouldn't be "Romy and Michele" without her is magic.

This is the third single off Iggy's new album "In My Defense."


'Romy and Michele' Trailer:

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