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Iggy delivering face!

Iggy Azalea Retires From Mom Duties After Serving Snatched Waist

By Whitney Vasquez

They say moms never stop but when it comes to Iggy Azalea she knows when to say "enough." The 30-year-old was having quite the day after chowing down on her convenience store hot dog and after cheating on her diet, she decided to go all in. Taking to her social media, the new mom decided to flaunt her teeny tiny post-baby body while retiring from being a mom for some much-needed me-time, something every mama around the world can relate to!

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Baby Waist On Fleek!

Iggy's post-baby body

The Australian-born star became a mom earlier this year to a sweet baby boy with her boyfriend, Playboi Carti and she has since continued to make jaws drop with her "baby waist." Hours ago, it was no different. Iggy Azalea made sure to flaunt her hourglass post-baby physique by taking to TikTok wearing nothing but a sports bra and tight yoga pants.

The "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" rapper looked snatched while showcasing herself doing normal mom duties around the house.

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Who Can Relate? 🙋‍♀️

Iggy's snatched waist

In the TikTok clip, Iggy Azalea is first seen laying on the floor with her son's baby toys surrounding her. Wearing her blonde hair back in a braided ponytail but sporting a face full of makeup, the rapper looked so over picking up after her child.

In the next scene, Iggy Azalea proved she could push through and was caught on camera holding a plastic cube full of the toys that she had just picked up. Serving her snatched waist on a platter, it was hard to look away from her fantastic figure.

'2020 Vibes'

Flaming Hot Cheetos time!

After putting in the bare minimum effort, Iggy Azalea showed she couldn't be bothered when it came to her daily exercise. Serving BAWDY while doing a squat, the star not only gave little attention to her mom duties but also to her workout. Quitting her daily tasks as a parent and her fitness regimen, Iggy Azalea looked at the camera, grabbed some Flaming Hot Cheetos, and chowed down while flipping the bird to everything she had to do that day.

All the while, "Future Me Problem" played in the background which was the perfect choice! "2020 vibes..." she captioned the video. Us too, Iggy... us too!

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