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IG Fitness Model Lauren Drain Satisfies Pregnancy Cravings in Sin City

D Las Ve
By Gary Trock

Instagram fitness model Lauren Drain knows that pregnancy cravings can't be ignored, so when she was looking for something good to eat she knew to head downtown. Drain, who is weeks away from giving birth to her first child, recently took some friends to dinner at Andiamo Italian Steakhouse located inside the D Las Vegas Casino.

The mama-to-be didn't go solo, and brought along fellow IG stars Laura Ivette and Genevieve Ava.

D Las Vegas

It wasn't the first time the ladies had dined at Andiamo, and we're told they enjoyed many of Andiamo's delicacies and entrees before heading out and rocking out to the nearby Fremont Street Experience while enjoying the D's private VIP box.

Drain, who prides herself on keeping a lean and mean physique, has learned to love her curves during pregnancy and recently took to Instagram to discuss learning to love herself while on her pregnancy journey.

"Nausea & fatigue resolved my second trimester so I was able to resume healthy eating habits & workouts to slow my weight gain & reduce appearance of cellulite. However if cellulite is a mark of keeping my growing baby daughter healthy, & nourished, then I wear it with a badge of honor🙋🏼‍♀️ As long as I’m doing my best to stay healthy and active, I want to show women that it’s okay, normal & even necessary at times to have cellulite. If and when you’re ready to tighten up, go for it, but a little cushion never hurt nobody."

Pregnancy Scare


The night out at The D was a nice bit of fun and release after the Instagram model dealt with a scary situation. Back in October she was hospitalized over complications with her pregnancy and thought she was in serious trouble. She shared a photo of herself during the hospital stay and explained to fans what went wrong.

"PREGNANCY SCARE 😨 I had just finished eating brunch when I started to feel really uncomfortable, distended & queasy. We were on our way back home & all of the sudden I had this sharp shooting pain radiate down my back causing me to double over in pain in the car. I have had Braxton Hicks before but this was different, very sudden, very sharp shooting pain that came on in multiple waves 2 minutes apart lasting up to a minute bringing me to tears and panic. I am only 29 weeks pregnant so it was quite scary to feel something like this occur so early. Since we were only 5 minutes away from the hospital @theiobot decided we should go in to get checked out. The fear of something going wrong or her coming early was definitely worth us going in and our doctor said if something like this ever happens always come in just in case. The nurse immediately hooked me up to the baby heart monitor and I heard a solid steady heartbeat ranging from 130s-150s, giving me an instant sigh of relief. I drank a bunch of water and thank goodness did not feel anymore painful contractions while being monitored. Both my vitals and baby’s vitals remained rock solid, thank goodness. Aria started kicking and rolling around a lot about an hour after we arrived giving me further relief. Thank you for your concerns and for all of your kind messages and prayers!"

She admitted that the situation was "quite scary," but was assured that both she and the baby were safe.

"The doctor said it could’ve been sciatica from the uterus putting more pressure on nerves, or GI issues (like intestines shifting & getting wrapped up) but to come back to the hospital if having 6 contractions or more in one hour. Praying no more issues since baby Aria is not due to arrive until January 2020."

Other Influencers at The D

The D Las Vegas

Lauren Drain and her friends aren't the only recent Influencers to come through Andiamo, because the downtown gem is becoming a haven for some of the hottest stars in entertainment and pop culture. Earlier this week, the D was visited by YouTube star Greg Ferreira and his beautiful girlfriend, Isabel.

The close relationships created by the D Casino Hotel, and its renowned dining hot spot, Andiamo, are top-notch and largely responsible because of casino executive Richard Wilk. Wilk and his staff know how to cater to today's biggest stars … and the customer service goes above and beyond every single time.

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