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Hurricane Irma Is Sucking the Ocean Dry

By TheBlast Staff

Hurricane Irma is one destructive S.O.B.

As Irma ripped through Florida and the Bahamas over the weekend, residents were left stunned as the ocean appeared to drain into a barren wasteland.

Hurricane Irma

The natural phenomenon can occur after the low pressure of a powerful hurricane sucks water into the eye of the storm.

Someone else tweeted a video from the same area — it's pretty unbelievable.

Thankfully, the water did eventually start to return after strong winds carried it back towards the shoreline.

Speaking of winds, they are expected to reach upwards of 140 MPH as Irma travels through Florida and parts of Georgia.

Check out this crazy video meteorologist Simon Brewer, uploaded from the Saddlebunch Keys Sunday morning —he looks like he is about to take flight.

Stay safe, everyone.

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