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Howard Stern's Wife, Beth, Shows Off STUNNING Body In Smoking Hot Skimpy Yoga Outfit!!

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta
By Mike Walters

Howard Stern's wife, Beth, just reminded us why he is the luckiest guy in the entire world. Period.

Beth Stern just posted a mind-blowing photo on Instagram of herself lounging with one of the family's fur-babies in a smoking hot yoga outfit.

In the photo, the couple's cat Bella crawled up in her mommies lap, and Beth decided to take a selfie of them lounging on the couch together.

As you can imagine, Beth just finished a workout and Howard fans are getting a full view on just how RIPPED Beth Stern's body really is...

You Gotta See This!

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See The Mind-Blowing Photo!!


"Post-workout cuddles with Bella🎀" Beth captioned the photo.

It is clear, Beth Stern does not have to try very hard to be stunningly beautiful, and it doesn't seem she is even trying to post a sexy selfie. But, that is exactly what this is! There are tons of thirsty Instagram models who can't do it this good!

Fans are going nuts over the photo and posting messages on IG, including, "Body and life goals oh and couple goals as well♥️♥️‼️‼️

One person even gave Beth's "trainer" props, saying, "Is Helen still your quarantine trainer? You look in tip-top shape... Bravo, Helen!"

Check This Out!

She Is Literally Perfect!


One of the greatest things about Howard's fans are they are always trying to be helpful to the King of All Media!

"Maybe instead of the workouts you are thinking of, Howard gave her a workout. Tonight is his Friday night and he asked her if she wanted to get lucky the other day lol," one fan posted.

Another added, "Wow she's so beautiful. And the cats cute too lol 😀"

As you know, Beth lights up Instagram every time she decides to share a hotshot -- especially when she is on vacation with Howard and posts bangin' bikini photos!

See The Bikini Hot Shots!

See The Smoking Hot Bikini Shots!


As fans of the show, we all know Howard talks about how hot his wife is ALL the time, but the best part is we all know he gets to be the photographer for most of the bikini shots too!

In one of the bikini shots, Howard captured his beautiful wife in a stunning white string bikini sitting on the white sand somewhere in the Bahamas. Ya, it's that good.

Plus, Beth melted down Instagram after she shared another shot of her perfect figure in a black bathing suit with a giant cat emblazoned on the front. "Big cat on my suit. 🐱🌴☀️ #crazycatlady" she captioned the picture!

BTW -- Beth is one of the greatest humanitarians in the world too!


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