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Howard Stern's Wife, Beth, Shows Off Mind-Blowing Body In 'Fatty' Cat Lifting Work Out!

By Mike Walters

Howard Stern's wife is letting us in on a little secret on how to maintain a smoking hot body, and it's simple, just keep lifting the big animals around your house over and over again! It looks like it works!

Beth Stern is simply amazing, and just shared one of the hottest photos you will see all day, which shows her lifting up one of the families bigger cats, Helen Rose.

Of course, Beth is in a sexy yoga outfit that shows off her rock hard abs, and she gives all the credit to having to lift the big feline.

You Gotta See This!

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See The Stunning Photos!!


As you can see, Helen is a pretty big cat -- but we are guessing it takes a little more than kitty lifting to maintain a perfect body like Beth Sterns!

"Morning workout: lifting fatty Helen Rose. 💗🌹🐽🤣🐱🤣🐱🤣🐱🤣🐱🤣🐱🤣🐱🤣🐱🤣💗," Howard's wife captioned the hotshot. The best part, many fans of the show pointed out right away that Beth must use the Peleton like her husband. If you know the show, Howard frequently talks about his workouts with his bike.

But, based on these stunning bikini pictures, we know that Beth has been a smoke show long before the Peleton was invented!

Take A Look!

'You Can Bounce A Quarter Off That Tummy!"

Beth Stern in a bikini

"Putting down my pizza......" a fan posted after seeing the stunning shots of Howard's wife. "Wow you can bounce a quarter off that tummy," another added.

If you follow Beth, you know that not only she one of the hottest people on the planet, she is also one of the most gracious and generous humans who spends most of her time saving animals who have been abused or neglected. Ya, she is that good.

As one fan put it, "There is absolutely no doubt that you are a Beautiful Woman 🙏 But is your Love for Animals that separates you from the masses your inner Beauty is reflected on the outside 🌹🙏🌹 ."

Howard Is The Luckiest Guy On Earth!!

Howard Stern's wife in a bikini

The last time we checked in with Howard and Beth, the couple was enjoying a 4th of July weekend, where she posed in smoking hot bikini photos that were taken by the man himself! (Above)

As we always say, Howard is the luckiest guy on the earth, and Beth keeps proving it over and over again. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous she spends time saving the planet too! As we reported, the couple was spotted walking the beach in Florida and picking up metallic balloons that had floated up on the shore. Bottom line, I think we can all agree with this guy, "I want to be reincarnated as one of beth sterns cats."

She Is FIRE!

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