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Howard Stern's Wife, Beth, Shows Off STUNNING Bikini Body In Photo Taken By The King Himself!!

By Mike Walters

Howard Stern's wife, Beth, just melted down Instagram after posting a photo of her mind-blowing bikini body, and the best part is the picture is taken by the King of All Media!

Beth Stern posted the smoking hot photo on Instagram, where she describes being pumped about having a few minutes to relax poolside away from her family of rescue cats!

"I finally had some ME time this summer. I enjoyed all 5 minutes of it before I had to feed the nuggets. #kittenseasonisEXHAUSTING 😊 (photo by H)" Beth captioned the photo.

It Is UNREAL! See The Photos!

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See The Mind-Blowing Photo!!


We will give you a few minutes to catch your breath.

Now, as you can see, Mrs. Howard Stern is sporting a blazin' hot string bikini and is perfectly glistening in the sun like the photo was set up for the cover of Sports Illustrated.

According to Beth, Howard snapped the sexy picture, and we all know he has some photography skills! But, it isn't fair when you are shooting a model this perfect!

If that wasn't good enough, the last time we saw Beth she was walking the beach with HS, picking up metallic balloons that had fallen onto the beach.

Ya, and she looks HOT doing this too!

Smoking Hot! ANSaving The Planet!


In the video, posted on IG, Beth donned a smoking-hot black bikini top, and a pair of red bottoms, and reminded the world to stop buying these types of balloons.

"#saveourplanet #nomoreballoons 💔, " Beth captioned the video.

As you can imagine, this was the PERFECT way to get people's attention, and it worked! Fans immediately reacted, posted comments like "Ugh... make me cringe when folks release the balloons in the air." Adding, "That’s why Howard hates balloons, and parades You’re both awesome."

See More Bikini Hot Shots!

Sexy Bikini Snaps Taken By The King Of All Media!!


Fans are going NUTS over how drop-dead greogous Beth looks in the photos, and are lighting up Instagram letting her know it!

"You look fabulous, Beth! Hopefully, tomorrow brings extended ME time. You certainly deserve it! 😊" one fan posted.

Another added, "You are an angel, Howard is so blessed to have you in his life!"

At one point, a few fans asked just how BS is able to literally not age one day and look hotter and hotter as time goes on -- "Gorgeous inside and out.... You never age, Beth. What is this sorcery? 💕" a fan asked.

Howard Stern Is The Luckiest Man In The World!

Howard Stern/ Social Life Magazine

Howard Stern is the luckiest man alive.

Not only is Beth Stern one of the hottest humans on the planet, but she is also just as beautiful on the inside.

"You are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Pure ❤️ loving heart and soul✨" one fan said. "Insane that your soul is more beautiful than your bod!" another agreed.

In the end, let's all hope Beth gets some more 'me time' away from the fur babies in the future because let's be honest it helps us ALL!

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