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Howard Stern's Wife, Beth, CRUSHES Instagram With HOT Bikini Body While Saving The Planet!!

Howard Stern/Social Life Magazine
By Mike Walters

Howard Stern's wife, Beth, maybe the most beautiful person on the planet, inside and out, after the bombshell model just shared a video of herself cleaning up the beaches with the hottest bikini body ever!

In the clip, shared on Beth Stern's Instagram page, Mrs. Stern and Howard are walking along the beach picking up metallic balloons that have fallen from the sky and landed in the water.

The King of All Media is shooting video and the message is clear, STOP buying those balloons and letting them go! Plus, my wife is the hottest environmental spokesperson EVER!

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As you can see, if is hard not to see the devastation the balloons are causing the environment - and there is so much along this one strip of beach, it take both of Beth's hands to carry it.

In the photo, Beth is sporting a smoking-hot black bikini top, and a pair of red bottoms that are just peeking out of her denim skirt.

"#saveourplanet #nomoreballoons đź’”, " Beth captioned the video.

Fans reacted immediately saying, "Ugh... make me cringe when folks release the balloons in the air." Adding, "That’s why Howard hates balloons, and parades You’re both awesome."

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In the video, Howard makes the announcement for people to stop killing the environment by buying and using metallic balloons for parties.

As you can imagine, with graduations from school going on at this point, there are more than normal in the atmosphere.

But, like we said if showing off your SMOKING hot bikini body for people to pay attention than it is totally worth it!

The sad part is, in the video, Howard shows off how the destruction of the environment has already cost us a life.

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Unfortunately, by the time Howard and Beth came across this set of balloons, the string attached had already cost this crab it's life.

It's not funny, this beautiful creature got caught up in this trash and was unable to free itself. This is important for people to see and change their behavior.

Actually, spending the day walking the beach with Beth Stern in a bikini while picking up trash, sounds like a GREAT way to spend the afternoon.

Like we always say, Howard is the luckiest guy ever!

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Howard Stern/Social Life Magazine

The best part is that some hater jumped into the comments of Beth's post, saying, "How come your not wearing a mask? Howard is bashing everyone and their mother about not wearing one and here you are without one?"

So, she posted another sexy snap, with it on, saying, "For all the people saying I’m not wearing a mask... i was. I just took it off to share my message on video about balloons destroying our environment.

Jerry Seinfeld's wife, Jennifer, came to her defense saying, 'They are envious of your abs...." YES there are!!!

Bottom line, we all agree with this, "Beth you are an incredible human. đź’–"

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