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Howard Stern's Ex-Producer, Brent Hatley, Launches His Own Show With 'Steamy' Wife

By Mike Walters

Howard Stern's longtime producer Brent Hatley is launching his own channel today on Twitch TV, after leaving the Stern show shrouded in a ton of mystery. But, he is now working fulltime with his smoking hot wife, Katelyn, so fans are dying to hear what they may have in store!

According to Brent and Katelyn, The "Brent Hatley Channel" is launching today at 12PT on Twitch TV. "The show will be Monday through Friday. It’s free to watch LIVE! A subscription for on-demand viewing is free with your Amazon Prime account. You just have to sign up initially on your computer! Look forward to chatting with you," the couple wrote.

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Howard Stern Producer's New Show Featuring His Wife, Katelyn!

As you know, Brent exited the Howard Stern show after many years of being one of the key figures in the air. Leading up to his departure, there were several heated incidents involving his wife Katelyn and the couple's swinging lifestyle.

We are guessing that topic will be front and center on the new show!

Fans of the couple are hoping they will now get a huge dose of the couple's swinging details, along with photos and videos of the party details! "Looking forward to some vintage Brent and Katelyn," one fan wrote.

Many are calling for the first guest to be the famous "jackhammer" from the Howard Stern Show, with one person saying, "Jackhammer first guest!!!"

If you don't know who that will have to tune in!

Show Is Launching On 4/20 On Twitch TV!

Katelyn celebrated the launch of the new channel by posting a super-steamy photo of herself with a tight top on, and we are guessing there is more where that came from...

"Good luck! Will you be on much? I hope he has much success, I loved hearing him on Bubba and just as much on Stern. He will do great," another fan wrote.

Another fan added, "Yea man, Congrats again Brent and Katelyn. Been loving the chats. Looking forward to the full show that I’ll be enjoying with a Busch Light."

As we reported, Brent left the Howard Stern Show after six years of working with the famous cast of characters but did not specifically address why he was leaving the show so abruptly.

Will They Bring On The Jackhammer?!

"After six great years, I've decided to leave SirisuXM Pandora. I'd like to thank Howard Stern for his kindness and for the opportunity to work on his show and channels on two different occasions. Some of the best work of my career was done there. The staff on-air and behind the scenes at The Howard Stern Channels are people that work and perform at the highest level every single day. It was an honor to work alongside each and every one of them. I will miss them all dearly," Hatley posted on Instagram at the time.

He added, "To the fans of the Howard Stern Show, you are truly the most unique and wide-ranging fanbase in all of entertainment. It's been a humbling experience to perform for you on-air and behind the scenes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any amount of time that you spent listening while I was part of the show."

It's showtime!

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