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Howard Stern's Fartman Made An Appearance at Comic-Con

By Chad Weiser

Forget Spiderman, Thor and Batman ... it's all about Fartman!

It has been 27 years since Howard Stern first caused a stink as his infamous character Fartman, however many fans near San Diego's Comic-Con ran into the gassy superhero over the weekend.

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Of course, it wasn't actually Stern in the costume, but a super fan paying homage to the star.

From the boots to the yellow tights, a big metallic gold package, a light up Fartman across his chest and Howard's signature hair ... the guy had the look down.

He also donned the classic Fartman pants, which would not be complete without an exposed rear-end.


Rated the third most outrageous moment in the history of the MTV VMAs by Rolling Stone, Howard’s appearance as Fartman at the 1992 awards ceremony turned was absolutely historical.

“I was on the ‘Tonight Show’ in 1992 with Jay Leno and I told Jay I was making a movie about Fartman,” Howard has explained in interviews since the bit. “I was joking but the audience went ape-shit for it.”

As a surprise for fans, Howard decided to don the costume while presenting MTV’s award for Best Metal/Hard Rock Video, which went to Metallica for “Enter Sandman” that year.

“Superman is nothing,” he declared descending from the ceiling as his caped superhero before deploying a fart that blew up the podium.

“There was such shock afterwards,” Howard recalled, adding, “The reaction was the best part of it."

Judging by the fans reaction in San Diego, the joke is still a real gas.

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