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1. The Best Reviews Of Her Life

Giphy | Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez is having an absolutely stellar 2019, signing on to headline the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show and getting the best reviews of her life with Hustlers. As the anti-hero Ramona, Lopez is already starting to get Oscar buzz for her ruthless and engaging performance. Just throw that Best Supporting Actress statue at her feet already!

2. She Packs A Lot Into A Day

In a new video for Vanity Fair, Lopez breaks down what her daily schedule was like while filming Hustlers, and it's clear that she put in THE WORK during that shoot. She wowed audiences with her incredible stripper pole moves, and Lopez definitely put in the work to develop those skills.

3. Staying In Character

Giphy | Hustlers

In the video, Lopez also opens up about the little details that helped her connect to Ramona and keep her in character. While the lip piercing and wrist tattoo were touchstones for her, she also had an odd piece of bling that helped her keep up the tough attitude.

"There was a blinged-out lighter that I would hold every day. Sometimes I would smoke one of the cigarettes or something and just kind of stay in the mind-set of Ramona."

Probably a more accessible way to get in character than to develop drugs in her kitchen.

Hustlers is currently in theaters.

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