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Makeup By Luca


Hilary Duff has shared several video clips of her son, Luca Cruz Comrie, 8, helping her put on makeup and the result is eye-catching.

“I’m getting my makeup done by an 8-year-old,” Duff says in one clip.

Several years ago, the singer shared a picture after getting her face done, tweeting "Suuupa shiny makeup tonight." Luca's makeup effort was not that far behind.

It's a Secret

We can also say that Luca was meticulous about keeping his equipment clean. At one point he told his mom, "I need to wash this brush.”

“Should I wait and not look until the end?” she asked him, and he replied, "Yeah."

Duff tried to sneak a peek at his handiwork, but he saw her and put his hand up over the phone for the block.

Duff really wanted to know what Luca was doing.

“What’s the vibe?” she asked him, but Luca was coy.

“I’m not telling you," he said.

Not Bad For a First-Timer


Duff called the end result "subtle," and of course it was anything but.

She wore grey and bronze eyeshadow and had red lipstick all over.

“It’s unique. I’ve never done makeup like this before, but I like it.”

Honestly, Luca didn't do that bad of a job. The grey and bronze eye shadows give a special eclectic look to Duff's face. Maybe just cut back a smidge on the lipstick.

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Duff and Luca are also in isolation with Duff's husband, Matthew Koma, and their daughter Banks, who's 1.

The couple only got married last Dec. 21, the winter solstice, and had a quiet ceremony in their backyard in Los Angeles.

According to a source, it was a very intimate gathering.

“It was a love-fest – a small and intimate ceremony at her house with friends and family,” the source says.


Duff was interviewed last November (which seems like a lifetime ago), and talked about the Lizzie McGuire series on Disney+, being a mom and getting ready for Season 7 of "Younger." But she was also there to discuss her new eyewear collection for It's called Muse by Hilary Duff AM/PM.

Seeking That Balance

Giphy | GlassesUSA

Her theme for Muse by Hilary Duff AM/PM seems to be influenced by juggling momhood and being a businesswoman, and she likened it to pieces of a chain that link together.

"It came down to, I'm a mom and I'm a businesswoman and I'm a fiancée and I'm a daughter and a sister and I have many facets to my life that all link together like links of a chain.

That is where the inspiration came from, of sinking the chain [details] into our frames. Being playful, being a busy person, being able to go from day to night and feel like I'm still putting effort into my look; I feel like everybody wants that."

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