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Hilary Duff Revealed the Fate of Her Animated 'Lizzie McGuire' Cartoon

Disney Channel
By Gary Trock

Hilary Duff is back in action as the highly-anticipated "Lizzie McGuire" revival is already in production, and now she's dishing on what the show holds in store for one of her oldest co-stars. Duff talked with ET Wednesday while at the Love Leo Rescue 2nd annual "Cocktails for a Cause" event at Rolling Greens Los Angeles.

"It feels so exciting. It's a dream come true ... We started filming and it was a long time coming… We're having a lot of fun and it just feels surreal."

While many of the characters have aged and will look different since the show ended its run on Disney Channel over 15 years ago, Duff revealed that her animated altar ego will look exactly the same.

"She's gonna stay the same ... She has an epic return and I am so excited. She's really gonna be a lot of the comic relief in the show."

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What We Know About the Revival


"Lizzie McGuire" will be airing on the Disney+ streaming service, but no premiere date has yet been given.

It has been revealed that Lizzie will be 30 years old, and according to a tweet from Disney+, will be starting a new life in New York City. Producers have also said Lizzie won't have any kids, unlike her real life, but she will have a boyfriend.

"I think it's really gonna be fun to go on the journey with her at 30," Duff told ET, adding "It's the same Lizzie, but as an adult." She also described what life will be like as we catch up with her character.

"She has gained a lot of confidence and she has a really cool career ... She's still going to be faced with challenging things, where, in middle school, those challenging things seemed simple and funny but relatable at the time. Now, in your 30s, it's gonna be the same way but slightly heavier ... slightly bigger things to deal with."

The entire McGuire family is also returning, including Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine and Jake Thomas. The stars recently posed for a picture together to celebrate the show's first table read.

The Origins of 'Animated Lizzie'


Animated Lizzie represents the title character's inner thoughts in hilarious comic form. She was a big part of the old Disney Channel show and would break the fourth wall by addressing the audience directly.

Originally, producers wanted Duff to provide standard voiceover narration to her character, but Disney Channel pushed back for a different concept. Animated Lizzie was created and Duff provided the voiceover talent instead of straight narration.

Fans Are Excited!


Hilary Duff is obviously excited to reprise her role as Lizzie McGuire, but fans are also freaking out about catching up with their favorite childhood star!

"I just want to give a shout out to @HilaryDuff 4 being so thoughtful to revive ur role as Lizzie not many former disney stars would do that. Lizzie McGuire was my favorite show of all time and thank u for completing my childhood and now adulthood i love u," one fan commented on Twitter.

Another fan said she plans on tracking down Duff while she films in NYC.

"Since i live in the city my new hobby is gonna be finding hilary duff and telling her how much i love her pls wish me warm wishes as I embark on this spiritual journey."

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