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How Scary Is This Haunted House? You Need a Doctor's Note To See It

Unsplash | Stefan Ringler
By Emily Reily

McKamey Manor Billed As the Scariest Haunted House In the U.S.


There's a haunted house in Summertown, Tennessee, that is apparently so scary that no one's ever finished it.

Besides that, people who want to visit McKamey Manor have to jump through hoops to see it - like pass a physical, get a doctor's note, have proof of medical insurance, watch a two-hour video about it, sign a 40-page waiver, take a drug test and more.

Survive the House, Win $20K

Why would you want to do all that? It's simple: Money.

Owner and operator Russ McKamey says he'll give $20,000 to the person who successfully completes the Manor. You don't even need to pay to see the house; just bring a bag of dog food for his dogs.

Here's a promo video for McKamey Manor, which uses a version of Prince's "Purple Rain."

  1. We have no idea why, and
  2. Does Prince's estate know about this?

A 'Mental Game'

McKamey spoke to News Channel 8 about McKamey Manor and its newest theme, which he calls "Desolation."

“Nobody’s even made it to the starting clock with this new show. With the new mental game, it’s much more difficult. And because of that, no one’s even started the clock.”

Attached is the nearly two-hour video people must watch before entering the haunted house. Watch it at your discretion.

You Can't Even Swear. No One Can Guarantee That.

But besides getting all those medical clearances (which likely cost money on their own), McKamey has another rule: No swearing while in the haunted house.

That probably eliminates about 95 percent of the demographic. Swearing is like the only thing people can cling to when it comes to being scared out of your wits. Most of the time it's not even controllable. F-bombs are going to fly, plain and simple. And whenever that happens, McKamey says he'll deduct money from your $20,000 prize money.

Well, forget it then. You really can't finish this haunted house. You're better off going to your local, garden-variety haunted house and let the bleeps fly.

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