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Is Halsey Pregnant With Evan Peters' Baby?

By Gary Trock

Halsey and Evan Peters have only been dating for a short while, but their relationship may be more serious than anybody thought after some recent photos got fans wondering if a baby is on the way. Halsey and Peters were spotted Sunday by photographers while on a day at the beach in Santa Monica.

In photos, obtained by the NY Post, the "American Horror Story" star appears to be cradling his girlfriend's belly. Halsey also puts a hand over her stomach and is seen smiling at her boyfriend. She's also wearing a very loose-fitting jumpsuit, which immediately got rumors flying around the Twitterverse.

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Giphy | E!

Halsey's loyal fans immediately went nuts over the photos and began demanding to know what the deal was.

"is.... halsey... PREGNANt? WTF I know it’s not my business but I need answers," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"so evan peters was halsey’s crush for years and now she could possibly be pregnant w his kid?" another commented.

One fan felt bad for Halsey's ex-BF, Yungblud:

"If all this rumor s--t is true , I kinda feel bad for yungblud. She dumps his ass and is pregnant with another dudes kid like two months in. Like damn Halsey I’m a fan but that’s kinda low."

One thing seems to be universal with the Halsey fans ... if the rumors are true, they are not happy with Evan Peters.

"if he got Halsey pregnant then he’s dead to us .. not joking," one person wrote.

Halsey & Evan


Halsey and Evan Peters began dating recently after the singer ended things with Yungblud. They were first spotted together in September while on a date at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita, CA.

They went Instagram official at the end of October and even attended the "American Horror Story" 100th episode Halloween bash dressed as Sonny and Cher.

When Halsey recently appeared on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" she confirmed the relationship with Peters ... and was them promptly scared by him jumping out of a box and running across the stage.

She Wants to Be a Mom

Giphy | Astralwerks

Halsey has been extremely open about her chaotic past, and during an interview with Rolling Stone revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage in 2015 while on tour. Even though she was dealing with a medical emergency, the singer described how she took some pain medication and still performed. She later reflected on her decision to perform and the reason she thought she lost the pregnancy.

"I think that the reason it happened is just the lifestyle I was living. I wasn’t drinking. I wasn’t doing drugs. I was f---ing overworked – in the hospital every couple of weeks because I was dehydrated, needing bags of IVs brought to my greenroom. I was anemic, I was fainting. My body just broke the f--k down."

While telling the story, Halsey admitted, "I want to be a mom more than I want to be a pop star. More than I want to be anything in the world."

Because of what she's been through, the news of a pregnancy could be even more emotional for the singer.

As one fan pointed out, "if halsey is pregnant tho i’m lowkey happy because she had a miscarriage in 2015 and always talks about how much she wants a baby."

Neither Evan Peters nor Halsey have addressed the pregnancy rumors.

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