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Halsey Defends Ariana Grande After She's Accused of 'Milking' Mac Miller's Death

By TheBlast Staff

Halsey is jumping to Ariana Grande's defense after the pop star was accused of "milking" Mac Miller's death, telling all the trolls to "f*ck off."

The "Without Me" singer was quick to tweet how "compassionate" and "gentle" Ariana is after several Internet trolls attacked her for posting an old photo on Thanksgiving showing her cuddled up with the late hip-hop star.

"You're missed," Ariana wrote on the photo, which sparked outrage with many followers.

"Ariana let it go... Mourn it behind closed doors. Stop milkin' it when you wasn't even there when he was at his lowest right before it happened," one user wrote.


"she milkin this sh*t bro," added another.

Ariana was quick to respond, writing, "some of the sh*t i read on here makes me sick to my stomach. it scares me the way some people think and i don't like this world a lot of the time. if only we could be more compassionate and gentle with one another. that'd be sick."

The bullying didn't sit well with Halsey, who's been Ariana's cheerleader lately.

Writing back to her friend, she told Ari, "the world could only dream of being as compassionate and gentle as you."

"ur being, as always, so classy and nice, allow me the honor of telling them to shut the f*ck up," she added.

Halsey - 1, Trolls - 0

Twitter: @h

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