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Halle Berry Pours Water Over Her Body To Promote Hydration

By Ryan Naumann

Actress Halle Berry is teaching us all about hydration by pouring water all over her body.

Berry posted a photo of her unloading a bottle full of H20 into her mouth. The snap showed the water falling over her body.

The post had a purpose with Berry writing, “ Today’s #FitnessFriday is about one of the most important factors of any fitness routine - HYDRATION. We are made of 60% water, and replenishing that amount can have life changing effects on the body - weight loss, higher energy levels, better cardiovascular health, and younger looking skin.

She continued, “The crazy part? When you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated - it’s said that we need upwards of 64 oz. of water a day to stay hydrated and that’s NOT including if we’ve worked out.

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Berry added, “So I challenge all of us today to drink at least 8 x 8oz. glasses of water a day, EVERYDAY, until next week. Would love to keep track on everyone’s progress, so let me know how it’s going in the comments of this post! LETS DO THIS 💦💦 - Happy Fitness Friday!”


Berry has a weekly Fitness Friday post on her social media. Last week she wrote, “Embrace your station in life, and find the JOY in every stage of your growth! Don’t let your age define you, but let it inspire you. As we age, our love deepens for not only ourselves but the people around us and the world we live in - what’s more joyous that that? Our body may ask for different things in our fitness routine through the years, so today’s #PHITTalks will tackle your questions on aging and fitness - what it takes to stay fly at every stage of your life."

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