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Hailey Bieber Draws Attention To 'Earth Day' With Extremely Hot Thirst Trap Bikini Pictures!

By Mike Walters

Hailey Bieber is bringing attention to 'Earth Day' in one of the smartest ways we have ever smoking hot photos of yourself in nature and remind people how great the environment on this earth really is!!

The model posted extremely hot thirst trap photos on Wednesday, and it grabbed the attention of anyone scrolling through Instagram.

In the photos, Hailey is sporting a string bikini and sitting on a surfboard in a beautiful blue ocean. It's obvious, HB is using the attention-grabbing snap to draw attention to remind us to take care of the planet.

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See The Stunning Photos!


Once Mrs. Bieber stopped everyone in their tracks she delivered the important message about taking care of Mother Earth.

"🌍🌍❤️❤️" she captioned the set of photos.

We get the point, and it was such a great way to draw attention to a very important issue. Hailey used her platform, consisting of 26.5 Million followers, to remind people to save the planet.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, around the world, to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The important holiday was first celebrated in 1970, it now includes a global inclusion from more than 193 countries.

Hailey Celebrates 'Earth Day' With Beautiful Snaps!


In Hailey's Earth Day post, she shared several snaps of herself on vacation on some of the most beautiful places you have ever seen.

In one of the pics, it appears the model and several friends have hiked into an area with a stunning lagoon. Plus, she posted several different ocean shots, including one where it is practically see-through water.

Smartly, the stunning model also shared one of a fellow model giving her a kiss while they float in the ocean -- just keep your focus -- it's EARTH DAY!!

Celebrities Draw Attention To The Environment With Hot Pics!


Hailey isn't the only celebrity who used the creative tactic to draw attention to the important message.

Elizabeth Hurley shared a topless photo of herself posing in long grass with beautiful swans swimming in the background.

In her post, the 54-year old actress is seemingly bringing attention to the issues with the current situation involving caused by the sale and consumption of illegal wildlife in wet markets.

Again, it's a great way to promote 'Earth Day' and get the attention of the masses to join in and do what we can to clean up the planet.

Bravo Ladies!!

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