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Hailey Baldwin CRUSHES Instagram With Steamy Bathtub Photos Taken By Justin Bieber!!

By Mike Walters

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin are still isolated up in Canada together, and lucky for us, the pop star decided to put up a camera and start shooting smoking hot shots of his model wife. The best part, at some point it made its way into the couple's bathtub, and the pictures are mindblowing!!

JB took to Instagram to share the stunning shots with his 137 Million followers, and he didn't just put up one photo...he posted FOUR!

We know she is a professional model, but these photos are nuts!

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Check Out The Mind Blowing Photos!


In one of the photos, Justin's wife is sitting in a half-filled bathtub with nothing but a button-up flannel on. It almost looks like she just left her shirt on when deciding to jump in!

To be honest, it's probable one of those sexy model things where you leave some of your clothes in the bath...but it worked!!

Justin posted several different shots from this session included so zoomed-in shots that will make you lose your breath after viewing them!

"Damn she’s hot - your lucky 🔥😍" one fan said. Indeed!

Justin Bieber Takes Hot Shots Of Wife, Hailey Baldwin, In The BATH!!


The hottest part is that her husband is taking all of the smoking hot photos! Now, we realize he is an international pop star, but Hailey Baldwin's husband is a pretty good label too!

"We love a photographer husband," one fan put it. "Why is she so beautiful? 😍😍" another person said.

Also, Justin has the biggest bathtub we have ever seen! "Now that’s a tub," a fan wrote. But, that is the least important thing in these pics..."Sometimes i forget to take my clothes off before getting in the bath too," one follower joked.

The Bieber's Continue To Light Up Social Media...


This isn't the first time the couple has lit up Instagram with sexy photos and videos from inside their Canadian mansion.

Just a few weeks back, Justin shared a blazing hot video of him and Hailey doing a Tik-Tok video. The clip shows just how fun it has to be in isolation with these two!

In the video, the couple appears to be in their pajamas staying in a safe place away from the Coronavirus, and they are not even trying to be sexy. But, they can't help themselves...

Do yourself a favor, and watch this a few times!

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