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Gwen Stefani Reveals Her Fears About Being Next To Blake Shelton On Red Carpets

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz
By Ben Robinson III

When it comes to beautiful Hollywood couples there is no shortage of celebrities to choose from. However one of the most interesting pairings comes in the form of country music superstar Blake Shelton and legendary pop music/fashion icon Gwen Stefani. Anyone who sees them can tell they're madly in love, however, Gwen recently revealed a secret about appearing with Blake on the red carpet that has many wondering why she would have any fears in regards to their relationship at all.

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They Were Friends First.

Many of their fans know that both Blake and Gwen began their friendship while married to other people. Though they'd known each other for years the two of them grew closer while serving as judges for the hit television series The Voice. However, during this time Gwen was married to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale while Blake was married to country music Queen Miranda Lambert. Unfortunately, during this time the two of them began to encounter issues within their own marriages, which ultimately lead to Gwen and Blake divorcing their spouses. Eventually, their friendship blossomed into a relationship that is still going strong to this day.

Well Deserved Award

Gettyimages | Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment

Showbiz Cheatsheet reports at this year's People's Choice Awards Gwen snagged the Fashion Icon award and had nothing but great things to say about her family, who inspired her love of fashion.

“I always, always loved fashion. It was one of those very instinctual things, I think probably because of my mom … My mom would come home from school and my grandmother would have her made her prom dress. It was always there, so the fact that this is happening right now is hard to imagine because it’s just what I do. I love fashion!”<

Of course Blake was right there cheering Gwen on as she received her award so they're clearly both going strong. So why would she have any fears about being on the red carpet with him?

Gwen Explains Her Fear

Almost five years after their first official selfie together Gwen and Blake are still as tight as ever. So why would Gwen make any statements about her fears while appearing on the red carpet with Blake? Showbiz Cheatsheet also reports although Gwen is a beloved icon within both the music and fashion industries Blake isn't the kind of guy who needs to be seen all the time.

“It scares me on the red carpet with Blake because he never does the red carpet,” she told E! News. “I think we’ve only done like three.” She then added, “It’s just not his thing.” The reality show coach went back to his roots as being the reason for that. “Oklahoma guy. He’s the real deal. Talk about real,” she said.

Knowing that Blake is the kind of guy who steps back and lets his lady take the spotlight only makes him a more lovable character. And the two of them look like they've got what it takes to go the distance.

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