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Gucci Mane Angers Crowd During All-Star Weekend, Major Catfight Breaks Out!

By TheBlast Staff

Gucci Mane left a crowd of concertgoers so upset after allegedly phoning in a performance that the restless crowd erupted into a straight up Royal Rumble!

Witnesses at OHM Nightclub Friday night in Hollywood for Gucci Mane's All-Star Weekend party tell The Blast the crowd was irate after feeling the "Ice Cream" singer ripped them off by charging a ton of dough for an event and not delivering.

We're told tickets to the event cost between $100-$150, and Gucci Mane showed up at the end of the night and only "performed a few songs" before calling it quits.

Sources tell us the crowd was extremely agitated, and as they shuffled out of the venue shoving began and quickly escalated into a huge brawl!

It doesn't appear Gucci got caught up in the melee, or that anyone was seriously injured, but the situation definitely looked insane.

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