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Get Out the Celebratory Cigars


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and musician Grimes, also known as Claire Elise Boucher, are now the proud parents of a baby. Musk made the announcement on Twitter, saying only "Mom & baby all good."

It sounds like the baby may have an early musical history, as Grimes told The Face in February: "The baby has already been exposed to a lot of techno in the womb."

Birth Not Musk's First

Gettyimages | Win McNamee

Musk has been a dad five times over, with his first wife, Justine Wilson. The couple had a set of twins and a set of triplets, via in vitro fertilization. Popculture says the two share joint custody of the children.

After separating from Wilson in 2008, Musk married Talulah Riley, but that fizzled in 2016. He also dated Amber Heard for a time, but that didn't stick.

Unusual Pregnancy Announcement

Grimes and Musk have been a couple since May, 2018. There's an 18-year age difference between them.

The two made the pregnancy reveal back in January with a strange photo. In the picture, Grimes is seen, basically naked, with a fetus pictured over her belly, and the picture shook up social media for a brief few moments.

There was no caption for the racy photo, but Grimes later added some context.

"I thought about censoring them for a hot minute haha (this may get taken down anyway) but the photo is so much less feral without the nipples.

Plus being knocked up is a very feral & war-like state of being. Might as well be what it is. Plus most of my friends told me not to post them so then I was afflicted w reverse psychology. Interrogated my shame and decided it was sum weird internalized self hated to feel uncomfortable about my body. Hope ur having a nice day!"


Soon after they made the announcement, on Jan. 31, Grimes shared that she felt like she was not prepared for everything that comes with pregnancy.

"I just didn’t rly understand what I was getting into," she wrote on Jan. 31. "It's been good too, but it makes working a lot harder. Good at writing and having lots of wild ideas tho, but anything physical is hard.

Im also way more emo and less capable of bravery in the face of haters online and stuff haha. But my albums out in a sec so I prob need to get back on here. Don’t mind my emo energy, but curious what other ppls experience was like... I didn’t even Google it, I was just like sure y not hahaha smh."

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