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Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank Is Now the Same Martial Arts Rank as Chuck Norris

By TheBlast Staff

You'd think being a Power Ranger would be badass enough, but Green Ranger Jason David Frank took his tough guy cred to the next level on Saturday when he was promoted to 8th-degree black belt in karate.

For all of you who haven't spent time in a dojo, a black belt is considered the ultimate karate achievement. On top of that, the martial arts have "degrees" of black belt that indicate a heightened level of accomplishment that can take decades to reach.

To put it in perspective, Vladimir Putin is a 9th-degree black belt. Chuck Norris is an 8th-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Translation: Jason David Frank is Chuck Norris-level deadly.

Frank's belt black promotion ceremony went down last night in New Jersey at Rising Sun Karate Academy.

Frank tells The Blast it took him 40 years to get to this level. He says he has been training since he was only 4 years old; he's now 44.

Aside from a fancy new belt and bragging rights, the Green Ranger was also honored with a new martial arts title: Hanshi Frank.

Frank says "Han" means example, model, etc. while "Shi" means gentleman, samurai or warrior.

Hopefully Jean-Claude Van Damme remembers this next time he tries to throw down with the Green Ranger.

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