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Netflix' new series "The Goop Lab" is a controversial show, not only because it's from a woman who says there are health benefits to putting stone eggs inside your vagina, but also because it may be peddling false information that could be harmful to people, according to a British health chief.

Simon Stevens, chief executive for the National Health Service in England, says the series, headed by Gwyneth Paltrow, creates a "considerable health risk" for members of the public.

What Is a 'Vampire Facial'?

According to the BBC, Stevens says Paltrow's show is using "misinformation."

“Goop has just popped up with a new TV series, in which Gwyneth Paltrow and her team test vampire facials and back a body worker, who claims to cure both acute psychological trauma and side-effects by simply moving his hands two inches above a customer’s body."

But according to a Goop spokesperson, everything they're doing is above board. The spokesperson says the company is being "transparent when we cover emerging topics that may be unsupported by science or may be in early stages of review."

But Stevens disagrees, saying the series is giving air time to "dubious wellness products and dodgy procedures."

All In Goop Fun

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In 2018, Goop settled a $145,000 lawsuit over those stone vagina eggs, saying they were wrong to claim the eggs could balance hormones.

Truth In Advertising, a watchdog organization, has called out Paltrow's Goop website for "deceptively marketing products."

Netflix says Goop is only "designed to entertain, not provide medical advice," but Stevens points to its promotion of sketchy health practices that are just plain risky:

“Her brand peddles psychic vampire repellent, says chemical sunscreen is a bad idea, and promotes colonic irrigation and DIY coffee enema machines, despite them carrying considerable risks to health.”

'Boundary-Pushing' Or Simply Harmful?

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The trailer for the show, which landed on Jan. 24, describes "The Goop Lab" as "guiding the deeply inquisitive viewer in an exploration of boundary-pushing wellness topics, including: psychedelics, cold therapy, female pleasure, anti-aging, energy healing and psychics."

The trailer makes it look like these women are having fun - having orgasms, undergoing exorcisms (!), experimenting, enduring rapid therapy sessions, etc. But there are also quotes in the trailer from people saying "This is dangerous .. it's unregulated." That's a red flag.

People Aren't Buying It

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The comments under the YouTube trailer for "The Goop Lab" are overwhelmingly negative, with many pointing to Paltrow's quote near the end: "We're only here one time, for one life... How can we really milk the shit out of this?" as being exploitative, and describing the show as almost like a cult. Some blame Netflix for giving Paltrow a voice.

"Why is Netflix supporting this scam artist oh my god," said one.

"Hard to believe that she is promoting a scam, and yet people are buying this crap," said another.

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