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'Gold Rush' Mechanic Mitch Is Living On the Edge During Dicey Equipment Move

By Gary Trock

The miners on "Gold Rush" are being forced to work at top speed due to mining restrictions, but sometimes the rush can lead to disaster.

In a special preview for an upcoming episode of the Discovery show, Parker Schnabel's crew is faced with a tough decision when they need to reposition one of the "Big Red" wash plant.

Mechanic Mitch Blaschke takes control of a tractor and explains that the huge piece of machinery needs to be towed up a steep embankment and across a man-made road to a new location.

Although the job is riskier than the crew would usually take on, Mitch explains that they don't have the convenience of time, so they must get to work ASAP.

Giphy | Discovery

The reason the crew is running short on time is because Parker was unable to get all the proper water permits in place and informed his team that they had one year to get as much gold as possible.


While Mitch is attempting the maneuver, he realizes it may be too much to handle and turns the tractor over to heavy machine operator Brennan Ruault.

The problem is, after pulling "Big Red" up a steep incline, the tractor must detach and pass the plant along a very narrow berm in order to reconnect and complete the move.

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