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Honey Boo Boo's Manager Gina Rodriguez Mistakenly Attacked Over Actress Gina Rodriguez’ N-Word Video

By Ryan Naumann

Actress Gina Rodriguez’ n-word video scandal caused people on social media to mistakenly attack Honey Boo Boo’s manager, Gina Rodriguez.

Earlier this week, the former “Jane The Virgin” actress posted a video of her rapping along to the Fugees song “Ready or Not”.

In the video, she raps the lyrics, “Voodoo; I can do what you do, easy / Believe me, fronting n—-s give me heebie-jeebies.” The actress immediately got backlash on social media for her using the n-word.

The actress quickly deleted the video and apologized to fans, “I am sorry if I offended anyone by singing along to the Fugees, to a song I love that I grew up on. I love Lauryn Hill.”

The apology didn’t stop people from trashing the actress on social media. However, some directed their anger at the wrong Gina Rodriguez on social media.

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Gina Rodriguez, Honey Boo Boo’s manager and co-star of WE tv’s “Mama June: From Not to Hot”, was attacked by social media users.

One wrote, “A woman your age should have known not to sing the N word tbh.”


Another said “you stay on the Black folks’ bad side. Lesson not learned I see. #AbolishTheNWord.”

The reality star was mentioned in tweets from people shaming the actress. People sent her videos titled, “Gina Rodriguez BI-CH HERE YOU GO YOUR WELCOME.”


One fan did try to clear the confusion writing, “ppl keep coming for the wrong Gina Rodriguez and I’m cryinggg. @MzGinaRodriguez isn’t the one who pulled the “I’m sorry if I offended you” on top of a well-documented history of anti-Blackness. She just wanted us to check out on #TikTok what juice is best for a flat belly.”


Actress Gina Rodriguez would later issued a longer apology writing, “In song or in real life, the words that I spoke, should not have been spoken. I grew up loving the Fugees and Lauryn Hill. I thoughtlessly sang along to the lyrics of a favorite song, and even worse, I posted it,”

She continued, “The word I sang, carries with it a legacy of hurt and pain that I cannot even imagine. Whatever consequences I face for my actions today, none will be more hurtful than the personal remorse I feel,” she continued. “Watching my own video playing back at me, has shaken me to my core. It is humiliating that this has to be a public lesson but it is indeed a much deserved lesson. I feel so deeply protective and responsible to the community of color but I have let this community down.

She added, “I have some serious learning and growing to do and I am so deeply sorry for the pain I have caused.”

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