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George Floyd protests

George Floyd's Daughter Yells 'Daddy Changed The World!' In Emotional Video

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By Clark Sparky

The death of George Floyd has caused a movement across the country, and even in parts of the world, calling for an end to police brutality and racial injustice. In an adorable, yet emotional, video shared on Tuesday, Floyd's six-year-old daughter Gianna is seen letting everyone know the impact his passing is having on the culture.

Floyd's close friend and former NBA star Stephen Jackson posted the clip on his Instagram account.

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In the video, Gianna is sitting atop his shoulder and proclaiming, "Daddy changed the world!" Jackson wrote in the caption of the post, "that's right GiGi 'Daddy changed the world.'"

Jackson joined Gianna and her mother, Roxie Washington, for a sit down with CNN to talk about Floyd's death and the impact it's had.

During the interview, Jackson revealed that he will step in for Floyd to help be a father figure in Gianna's life wherever possible.

"I’m gonna be there for her. I’m gonna walk her down the aisle. I’m gonna be there for her. I’m gonna be here to wipe your tears. I’m gonna be here for you and Gigi. Floyd might not be here but I’m here for her, I’m here to get justice," he said.

Washington also appeared at a press conference at Minneapolis City Hall on Tuesday during which she admitted she was struggling to form thoughts about the situation still.

"I'm here for my baby, and I'm here for George. Because I want justice for him. I want justice for him because he was good. No matter what anybody thinks, he was good. And this is the proof that he was a good man," Washington said, pointing to their daughter.

Floyd died on May 25th while being arrested by four Minneapolis police officers. One of them -- Derek Chauvin -- was filmed holding Floyd face down on the ground in handcuffs with his knee in the back of Floyd's neck for nearly 10 minutes.

George Floyd protests
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So far, Chauvin is the only officer who has been charged with any crimes in connection with the 46-year-old's death. He is facing third degree murder and manslaughter charges; the other three officers were fired but not charged.

Floyd's family has publicly stated that they want all the officers involved in the incident to face a penalty beyond losing their jobs.

There have been massive protests in every major city around the country for the last eight nights to call for social justice reform. On Tuesday, 60,000 people gathered in Floyd's hometown of Houston.

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