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George Clooney Look-Alike Arrested for Stealing Holiday Packages

By TheBlast Staff

George Clooney may not have to look any further if he ever needed a new stunt double, unfortunately the guy is a criminal who just got hit with burglary charges.

The Tallahassee PD in Florida recently made an arrest of a Porch Pirate, or someone who steals packages from porches, especially during the holidays.

The guy, although a jerk, bears a striking resemblance to the "Money Monster" star. After cops posted the surveillance video of the attractive perp, fans quickly took notice and even "Inside Edition" did a piece on the guy.

Unfortunately, the man was hardly a thief like Danny Ocean, and was hit with burglary and petty theft charges, as well as violating probation. All he got in the box was a lousy pair of red tights.

Clooney isn't the only criminal doppelgänger we've been blessed with in 2018, there was also the thief in the U.K. who looked just like "Friends" star David Schwimmer.

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