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'Game of Thrones' Left a Coffee Cup in One of the Last Episodes

By TheBlast Staff

11:25 PM PT -- Starbucks has responded to the coffee blooper, saying, "TBH we're surprised she didn't order a Dragon Drink." Starbucks just debuted their mango-flavored Dragonfruit Refresher, which turns pink when mixed with coconut milk.

Basically, Starbucks didn't even plan a promotion and now they get a free one courtesy of "Game of Thrones." They always win.

Starbucks Dragon Game of Thrones

We may finally have the real reason for "Game of Thrones" episodes being nearly unwatchable due to darkness ... it's just a smokescreen to hide all the crap they forgot to take out of the shot!

"Game of Thrones" only had two-years to shoot and edit the final season ... and STILL managed to miss a coffee cup sitting on a table in Sunday's latest episode.

It's unclear if the flub was intentional or not, but the internet is responding in hilarious fashion, with some of the best responses unfortunately roping in Daenerys, due to her proximity to the cup.

Everyone seems to think the cup belonged to the house of Starbucks, but the coffee giant has not yet commented on the incident.

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