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Billy McFarland, right, with one of the Fyre Festival organizers.

U.S. Marshals Are Auctioning Fyre Festival Merchandise

Gettyimages | Patrick McMullan
By Emily Reily

If you happened to be one of the unfortunates who got stranded in the Bahamas for the doomed Fyre Festival, now is your chance to get in on the action and pick up some merchandise from the show that never was and never could be.

The 2017 music festival, originally billed as “the cultural experience of the decade" and organized by Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland, imploded into a massive PR disaster and defrauded ticket holders out of millions.

Now the U.S. Marshal's Service is auctioning off some of the merchandise from the non-event, with proceeds going to McFarland's victims.

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The Fyre Festival logo is now symbolic of a colossal failure.
Gettyimages | Jim Bennett

In a press release, U.S. Marshal Ralph Sozio of the Southern District of New York described what's going to be auctioned off.

“This Fyre Festival-branded clothing and other items that were seized from Billy McFarland were originally intended to be sold at the Fyre Festival itself but were kept by McFarland, with the intent to sell the items and use the funds to commit further criminal acts while he was on pre-trial release."

Billy McFarland is currently serving time in Ohio.
Wikimedia |

“The proceeds from the sale of these items, all traceable to McFarland’s $26 million fraud, will go toward the victims of his crimes," said Sozio.

According to, people can place bids on items like shirts, sweatpants, and hats that have the dreaded Fyre Festival logo on them. There are also tokens decorated with text like “a conspiracy to change the entertainment world.”

You can bid on two wristbands for $10, which is the minimum bid, or possibly spend as much as $300 on a baseball hat with the logo. A blue hoodie with the logo on the sleeves had more than 35 bidders. The auction, run by Gaston & Sheehan, ends Aug. 13.

Giphy | FOX Teen Choice

The Fyre Festival was originally billed by founder McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, as a luxury music festival on a tropical island with a bevy of beautiful models.

Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were seen in promotional videos cavorting in bikinis and giving off the general vibe that they were part of the festival.

They were actually paid to appear in the ads, but didn't disclose that fact at the time.

The Fyre Festival defrauded ticket holders and investors out of millions.
Wikimedia |

Problems at the festival ran the gamut from water-soaked mattresses and FEMA tents to cheese sandwiches in Styrofoam containers -- McFarland's company, Fyre Media, falsely promised ticket holders luxury villas and gourmet food prepared by world-class chefs. Festival goers were later stranded on the District of Exuma. Various lawsuits soon followed.

McFarland pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud to cheat ticket holders and investors. McFarland also pleaded guilty to a second count of wire fraud that occurred while he was out on bail on the first charge. He's currently serving time in Ohio.

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