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A Black Hole On Fortnite Just Ended Gameplay and Everyone Is Losing It

By Gary Trock

Gamers around the world logging on to play Fortnite were in for a shock on Sunday when the map unexpectedly imploded on itself and effectively ended all gameplay immediately.

It all went down Sunday afternoon as a long-expected rocket launch in the massive online battle arena caused a barrage of hellfire to rain down on the map.

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The damage apparently caused a rift, and millions of players experienced their entire game sucked into non-existence.

All that remains is a black hole, which a good amount of players remain fixated on ... hoping that Epic will soon debut the next season of the game, or at least give some hint that life for Fortnite will continue to exist.

In the wake of the destruction, hilarious reactions have started appearing online as people realize their precious Fortnite has been destroyed, for now at least.


One user thought it was time for millions of girlfriends were about to reclaim their boyfriends following the Fortnite obliteration.

Some people are finding interesting ways to spend the downtime, like this streamer who is tapping into his inner rockstar.

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