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Floyd Mayweather Parties In PACKED Arizona Nightclub -- No Mask, No Gloves...No Problem?!

By Mike Walters

Floyd Mayweather isn't worried about getting COVID-19, so he decided to hit up a packed nightclub and party hearty on Memorial Day Weekend!

In a shocking partying video from this weekend, the boxer is seen inside a packed Arizona nightclub, completely ignoring the rules of social distancing.

Not only is he in the crowded club, but Floyd also is not wearing a mask or gloves while he is dancing and partying the night away.

You Gotta See This Shocking Video!

The Champ Parties Inside Packed Nightclub With NO Protection!


Mayweather is partying inside the International Boutique Nightclub (aka INTL) in Scottsdale, Arizona -- where the champion is enjoying a table in the VIP section of a PACKED nightclub.

In the video, taken on Saturday night, the 43-year-old boxer is obviously not worried about contracting the Coronavirus -- and can even be seen touching several people in his section.

Obviously, the video is shocking considering we are in the middle of a global pandemic, and even if the government is slowly opening bars and restaurants -- we are guessing this ISN'T what they had in mind.

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Floyd Mayweather Isn't Even Keeping His Hands To Himself?!


Unbelievably, Mayweather was seen earlier in the day dancing at a nearby hotel's day party. In other words, Floyd is not afraid of COVID-19.

Now, we should note, it is possible the boxer already knows he has had the virus -- and is carrying antibodies for the disease. But, we are guessing everyone inside this club is the same.

Also, Arizona opened up its restaurants and bars on May 11th, but again, we are guessing packing a nightclub to the brim wasn't the idea.

Check Out The Packed House!

See The Shocking Video!


On this Memorial Day Weekend, several videos have surfaced of massive beach and pool parties that make it seem we are not in the middle of a pandemic at all.

Plus, Arizona has clocked in its fair share of Coronavirus cases in the past few days. The Arizona health department reported 431 new cases on Saturday. The number brings the total number of confirmed cases in the state to 16,039.

BTW -- Arizona reports that 799 people have died from the virus.

Watch The Shocking Party Video!

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