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Floyd Mayweather Recovering from 'Broken Ankles' After Charity Basketball Game

By Chad Weiser

It was a rough night for Floyd Mayweather last night as The Champ was reminded why he's a boxer and not a basketball player.

The 42-year old retired boxer participated Monday night in the Monster Energy $50k Charity Challenge Celebrity Basketball Game at UCLA.

Floyd was playing defense against famous street hooper Larry "Bone Collector" Williams and he decide to go one on one with him.

But Williams did what Williams does best. He took the ball around Mayweather, changed directions on him, and left Mayweather with no place to go but the floor.

The crowd erupted in disbelief. Mayweather's ankles got "broken" right in front of their very eyes. "I told you! You didn't have to do this to yourself," the MC said.

To make matters even more embarrassing for Mayweather, Bone Collector went on to sink the subsequent three-pointer at the top of the key.

This wasn't the first time Money Mayweather was humiliated on the court. Last year, int he same tourney, he got stuffed by model and actress Brittney Elena.


Larry "Bone Collector" Williams has been collecting wins on the court for years. He became super popular in New York City after rising through the ranks as an elite player at the famed Rucker Park.

Williams has challenged NBA players including Allen Iverson to 1-on-1 games, and he also once challenged Kobe Bryant to a $50,000 1-on-1 game.

Better luck next year Floyd!

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