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Parkland, Florida Middle School Student Receives Death Threat During 'Fortnite' Session; School Accused of Not Protecting Kid

By TheBlast Staff

A middle school student who attends classes right next door to Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School is in fear for his life after a plot to kill him was revealed over a game of Fortnite.

According to a letter sent to school officials, and obtained by The Blast, a 13-year-old student named Spencer, was made aware that another student threatened to bring a weapon to school and kill him. The boy allegedly confided in a third student, who admitted his plan during an online session of the video game, Fortnite. Its seems he is referencing a gun since the game session is shooting as the conversation unfolds.

In the video, later uploaded to the boy's YouTube account, he asks for secrecy about his plan, because he fears he will get in trouble if anyone finds out he's brought a weapon to school.

We've obtained a copy of the threat, which has been removed from social media. In the clip, you can hear one student talk about killing another student at the school.

Westglades Middle School

The school involved, which all boys attend, is Westglades Middle School in Parkland, FL. The school sits on the lot next to Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High, the location of the deadly 2018 school shooting.

We're told Spencer's family alerted school authorities of the situation and investigators from the Broward County Sheriff's Department spoke to several people involved, including the victim of the threat.

But, we're told the school deemed it a "low level threat," after questioning the student .

In the scathing letter, sent by the family to the administration at Westglades, Spencer's attorney scolds officials for not removing a "potential danger."

The family also accuses the school of interrogating Spencer, "in an attempt to whitewash an obvious threat."

Attorney Bradford Cohen, who sent the legal threat, warns the school that he will be holding the school responsible for any harm that may come to Spencer as a result of their poor handling of the situation.

He writes, "The only thing "low level" here is the incompetence of a school with how to deal with students posting threats on social media in the aftermath of a horrible tragedy."

Calls to Westglades Middle School and the Broward County Sheriff's Office were not returned by time of publish.

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