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FKA twigs' Boots Are Made For Walking Around Nude In New Sultry Pic

By Jeff Mazzeo

The emperor has no clothes but FKA twigs has one hell of a pair of boots!

The "Cellophane" singer shared a sultry mirror pic with her millions of fans on Wednesday... clothes not included. She stunned wearing next to nothing as she purposely used her limbs to cover up. She knows exactly how to bend the rules of Instagram's content policies. Twigs had her beautiful braids pulled back with a headband and her stripper boots were the focus of the photo. The experimental musician simply captioned her sweet pic with an 🔐 emoji.

Keep scrolling to worship her boots.

Watch Her Step


Her no-clothes pic made her fans feel some type of way and they sounded off in the comments section of her post.

"I wish i was that chair 🤔," one desperate fan commented, while another said, "maybe i am in love with you."

"obsessed w you queen," a third follower wrote.

Pole Dancing


FKA twigs is probably just as well known for her pole dancing as she is for her music. Most recently she danced on-stage at the Grammys while Usher sang a tribute to Prince. It would later be revealed that she wanted to sing during the award show but was only asked to dance on the pole. Anyways, her dance routine was one of the highlights of the 2020 Grammys.

Shortly before her performance, she shared a revealing video that featured the star slowly spinning around a pole while inverted. Not an easy move! The toned musician wore nothing but some skimpy red lingerie and sky-high heels.

"can u find the birthday cake?" she wrote in the caption of her post.

Let creative people be creative! That's our policy.

Wanna Look Like Her?


Twigs has an amazing body and clearly she is not shy but maintaining it takes a lot of hard work. Since being stuck at home, the star has shared her workout secrets and yes, it does involve more than just pole dancing. She's been sharing her routine on Instagram and has been encouraging her followers to stay fit while at home.

"here’s the exercises from yesterday’s live, see the whole session on IGTV <3," she teased.

"my personal pre-show warm up to make me feel connected to my body. perform all the exercises on both sides to feel balanced."

"1 cat/cow progression: repeat with knees off the ground

2 disco roll progression: repeat with knees off the ground

3 side-lying glute series ~

i. clam with pulses at end range ii. dog with pulses at end range iii. developé in turnout w/ circles & pulses iv. leg wave w/ internal/external rotations v. internal leg lifts.

4 pelvic lifts (with optional glute band)

i. glute bridges ii. single-leg glute bridges (both sides) iii. lying glute stretch (left & right side)

5 intuitive stretch

listen to the messages from your body and give it the stretches it asks for.

notice the different sensations and how your body feels.

Ummmm, we'll pass but it's nice watching her do it!

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