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Felicity Huffman Gets Support From 'Only African American Crew Member' On 'Desperate Housewives'

By Mike Walters

Felicity Huffman just got some huge support by a "Desperate Housewives" production employee who says she was the only African-American crew member on the show, and that Huffman supported her after being mistreated by another actress.

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The Blast/Etheridge Letter

A boom mic operator named Klair Ethridge says she was hired as an employee for the 2nd Season of 'Desperate Housewives,' and at the time she claims she was "the only African-American crew member employed by the show."


She recounts in a letter, submitted to the court in Huffman's criminal case, how a different actress on the show treated her very poorly on her first day on the job.

"There was an actress on the show, with whom I had worked with on a Top Television Show for the entire First Season, where I was the Assistant to the Executive Producer. This particular actress and I knew each other very well, I had even choreographed an Episode of an episode of the show featuring this actress dancing and singing. My first day of working on Season 2 of Desperate Housewives, this actress snubbed me and pretended not to know me -this was very hurtful."

The Blast/Etheridge Letter

Etheridge explains how Felicity Huffman noticed what was going on, and approached her to show support the the her in this situation.

"Felicity noticed this snub and responded with kindness toward me. Every day that I worked on Desperate Housewives with Felicity and the other actress, Felicity always went a step beyond and made sure to acknowledge me, find moments of humor and levity and to make me feel as if I belonged there."


Interestingly, in her correspondence to the court, Etheridge explained that she was the director of program where the mission is to elevate marginalized children in arts education. The program T.U.P.A.C (Tacoma Urban Performing Arts Center) but that wasn't the reason why she was contacting the court. The organization was named after the famous rapper. In 2Pac's biography it explained he attended the Baltimore School for the Arts, where he took acting and dance classes, including ballet.

Gettyimages | Stephen Shugerman

"I have had the pleasure of working with Felicity Huffman on a short film, House Hunting, where she donated her time and talents to help an aspiring filmmaker make her first film...I am requesting you to be lenient in sentencing Ms.Huffman this Friday, September13th, 2019. I'm sure she was doing what she thought was needed to help her child succeed in her education and endeavors. From my time being around Felicity, I found her to be a caring, passionate, sensitive, humorous, kind and accepting person. I can not imagine she does not regret the decisions she made in this matter."

Huffman received letters of support from over 10 people including Eva Longoria, including this one, and it may have moved the judge a bit.

As we reported, the actress received only half of the sentence prosecutors were after, 30 days in federal prison.

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