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Body With Wrong Head And Cooler Full Of Male Genitalia Among Gruesome Discoveries During FBI Raid

By Clark Sparky

The details from an FBI raid of a body donation company have come to light, and they're very troubling.

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The for-profit Biological Resource Center, which is now closed, made money by selling body parts from bodies that were given to them by families of the deceased. In return, the families got the cremated remains of whatever wasn't sold for free.

The company was based in Arizona, where there is no regulation on this type of business.

It seems that lack of regulation allowed the company to perhaps go too far. That's what 33 families are claiming in a lawsuit.

In reaction to the claims made by families, the FBI conducted a raid of the facility in 2014. The details of that are now coming to light thanks to the lawsuit's court file.

Phoenix FBI agent Mark Cwynar said he "personally observed various unsettling scenes," which included:

Large male torsos with limbs and genitalia removed.

Buckets and coolers with various body parts, including a bucket of heads, arms and legs.

Body parts piled on top of each other throughout the facility, with no apparent identification.

Steel freezers with frozen body parts inside with no apparent identification.

Additionally, he said he saw a "cooler filled with male genitalia" and, perhaps most disturbing of all, a body with the wrong head sewn onto it in a "Frankenstein manner."

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