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FaZe Clan 'Shocked' Over Tfue Lawsuit, Claims to Have Taken $0 in Tournament Winnings

By TheBlast Staff

FaZe Clan is responding to the lawsuit filed by one of their eSport stars, Tfue, after the professional gamer claimed to be held under an oppressive contract that was "grossly" one-sided.

The gaming team just issued a statement over 21-year-old Turner Tenny's lawsuit, announcing, "We're shocked and disappointed to see the news of Tfue's press article and lawsuit."

FaZe Clan says their official partnership with Tfue began in April 2018, and since then have allegedly collected $0 for tournament winnings, Twitch revenue and YouTube revenue.

They claimed to have collected only $60,000 from their partnership, "while Tfue has earned millions as a member of FaZe Clan."

The team admits each contract with players is different, but says 80% of the tournament winnings always goes to the player, and not the other way around.

However, they claim to have collected no money from Tfue's tournament play. The team says, "We're proud of what we've accomplished together over the past year with Turner and will continue to support him."

One of the owners of the team, FaZe Banks, was not so nice and just put out his own message, telling fans, "Honestly fuck being professional. This is so beyond numbers and contracts. Homie I called you my family @TTfue and not only did I get blindsided but you can’t return a call?"

Banks continues, "I’m fucking crushed dogYo this whole thing with @TTfue is pretty unbelievable. The first thing I'd like to say is we do NOT and have never taken 80% of anyones prize money. Not sure where that came from, but a contract like that has NEVER existed. We've collected $0 from Turners prize money. ZERO."

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He also shared video from one of Tfue's livestreams, where the pro gamer claims to collect "all" of his tournament winnings.

Banks also says he loved Tfue so much, that he even got "Code Tfue" tattooed on his body, but admits, "Imagine how f**king stupid I feel right now."

As we reported, Tfue believes his gamer agreement is illegal and wants it dissolved ASAP. He has also accused FaZe Clan of plying him with alcohol when he was a minor, and failing to get him proper medical care after being injured during a dangerous YouTube stunt.

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