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FaZe Clan Admits They Could Not Let Tfue Leave to Start His Own Team

By TheBlast Staff

The top brass at FaZe Clan are scrambling to save their esports empire after their top player exposed the one-sided contract he had signed, but now they are peeling back the curtain and revealing Tfue is just too valuable to let leave.

FaZe posted a video Thursday night, narrated by clan member CBass and CEO Lee Trink.

In the video, they flash multiple alleged versions of contract amendments they claim to have offered Tfue, after realizing he was signed to a poor deal.

The Blast first broke the story and revealed Tfue's contract with FaZe Clan, including the caveat that gave them the power to collect 80% of his cash whenever they wanted.

Trink kept stressing that they have never collected money based on the insane percentages, but did not explain why they offered them in the first place.

He also said that he recently met with Tfue and his father to negotiate a new deal, but things did not go well.

Trink says it is his belief that Tfue wants to leave and start his own gaming organization, and "we just couldn't rationalize" the notion.

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He explained that the FaZe Clan fans have built up a relationship with Tfue, and he felt like letting Tfue out of his deal would negatively harm the brand as well as upset the fans.

The FaZe CEO compared Tfue to LeBron James, and said the situation is akin to the Los Angeles Lakers letting LeBron go and start his own NBA team ... "we just can't let it happen."

As we reported, FaZe co-owner, Banks, admitted that the contract Tfue signed was "trash," and hoped to work things out with the Fortnite star to salvage their professional and personal relationships.

The fight between Tfue and FaZe has definitely turned the gaming world upside down and will most likely bring about huge change to the deals between gamers and their organizations.

Meanwhile, Tfue has not streamed in days, and his ultimate future with FaZe Clan is yet to be decided.

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