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FaZe Clan Facing Accusations of Hostile Takeover Amid Legal War With Tfue

By TheBlast Staff

FaZe Clan may need to take a long hard look in the mirror during their ongoing fight with Tfue, because they're wrapped up in another lawsuit where they have been accused of pulling a similar move on their old partners in similar fashion to their claims against the pro gamer.

FaZe is currently engaged in a lawsuit with a now-defunct company called Hubrick, which originally launched as a social media focused platform.

Hubrick helped FaZe shoot to stardom by helping the gamers organize their network and funding the early stages of Faze and Clout Gang growth, including recruiting top esports players and helping build the vlog channels on YouTube.

Unfortunately, Hubrick claims once they helped FaZe get big, the gaming team screwed them over by breaking away from the company and raiding the corporate offices in the middle of the night.

Hubrick filed a lawsuit in 2018 against FaZe, and explains it all stems from "a case of an unabashed theft of a business by a group of its employees, officers, directors and joint venture partners. In what amounts to an overnight corporate raid."

According to the documents, Hubrick claims FaZe "raided the corporate offices...where they had been working for months hand-in-hand with Hubrick and W8 Media. They even "took dozens of computers and gaming stations, some of the office furniture, all of the data available to it on the computers, and left it ransacked as little more than piles of empty boxes of expensive electronics and cleared-off desks."

According to photos, obtained by The Blast, Hubrick included them in their lawsuit of empty boxes of gaming equipment, including a ton of PS4 consoles.

Faze Clan Offices

Hubrick also says they funded FaZe directly by transferring $1.3 million to a FaZe bank that fund the operations.

They argue FaZe owes their success to Hubrick, and felt blindsided by the gamer's move. "These modern superstars are not famous because they star in summer blockbusters or play to packed concert halls—they have earned millions of followers and have amassed their fortunes based on their personalities, charisma, energy, and ability to define culture, and they achieve this by using the Internet in ways that the world is experiencing for the first time," Hubrick explained.

The lawsuit for intentional interference with prospective economic advantage and misappropriation of trade secrets is still ongoing, and Hubrick is seeking an amount that "exceeds $1 million."

Faze Clan Offices

The accusations against FaZe are interesting considering they have accused their star "Fortnite" gamer, Tfue, of doing the exact same thing after filing a lawsuit for an unfair contract and leaving the team.

FaZe says they were "blindsided" by Tfue's legal war, but the pro gamer's team thinks throwing around that word is crazy, considering they allegedly did the same thing to Hubrick by raiding the corporate offices during the middle of the night to cut their partner out.

We're told the Hubrick case is extremely important to Tfue since FaZe has admitted former members of their team are the ones who drew up the contract at the center of the argument. To them, we're told it shows as an example of how poorly the business was being ran at the time.

The Blast first revealed Tfue's contract with FaZe, which was so one-sided that he only got a fraction of the money brought in for being one of the elite gamers in the world.

In fact, his contract was so bad, that FaZe owner, Banks, even admitted it was "trash."

The lawsuit between FaZe and Tfue is ongoing, and we're told there is a very good chance the litigation with Hubrick will be used in an effort to score a legal Victory Royale.

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