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A New Spin On Some Old Faces


We will someday get a Face/Off reboot, though our old pals John Travolta and Nicolas Cage won't be taking part in the fun.

The Faces That Launched a Thousand Memes


In the original film, Travolta played Sean Archer, an FBI agent who will stop at nothing to stop Castor Troy (Cage), a really bad guy. Castor tells Archer about a bomb that's set to explode some place in the city but falls into a coma before Archer can get more intel.

So Archer decides to get face-transplant surgery (like that's a thing) to help stop the bomb from going off.

But through some twist of fate, Troy ends up with Archer's face, and that's when all the fun ensues.

Sadly, Travolta, Cage Won't Return


The updated version of the 1997 action film will feature an all-new cast, though we don't know those details yet.

Paramount Pictures has tasked Oren Uziel with writing the script. Neal Mortiz, who's worked on the Fast & Furious franchise, will produce the new Face / Off.

The original John Woo-directed movie eventually took in $245 million, so high hopes that this reboot will produce more shock and awe.

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