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Evan Rachel Wood Came at Paris Hilton Over This Comment to Millie Bobby Brown

By Gary Trock

Millie Bobby Brown unknowingly ignited a war between Paris Hilton and Evan Rachel Wood after the "Stranger Things" star just tried to show off a pretty dress.

It all went down Tuesday when Brown posted a photo of herself rocking an animal print dress that she had repurposed from a previous event and sharing the news with fans.

"♡same dress but v different day♡"

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She was immediately praised by fans for how great she looked but then got a special shoutout from Paris Hilton, who dropped her signature line.

"That’s hot," Hilton wrote alongside some emoji hearts. The comment seemed innocent enough, but Evan Rachel Wood thought it was over the line.


"She's 15," the "Westworld" star wrote while responding to Hilton's comment.

The comment set off a firestorm among fans, with those who agreed with Wood and those who were supporting Hilton.

"She’s 15, you’re almost 40. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t make it any less creepy than if a man would’ve made this comment," one person wrote.

Another came to Hilton's defense, telling Wood "I don’t think she was being literal, that’s been her phrase for everything for a very long time."

A third person thought both sides could be right, commenting "She is hot. Can't a young lady be 15 and hot at the same time?"


It's not the first time Hilton has commented on Brown's photos. Over the weekend the "Stranger Things" star posted a photo while on vacation, and Hilton flooded her comments with heart emojis.

Evan Rachel Wood is known for being vocal about stereotypes and the over-sexualization of women and recently called out The Academy and The Oscars over the nominees.

"Is anybody else excited to watch the same 12 people get nominated for oscars this year?"

When someone asked if her anger had to do with race, Wood responded, "No but I am sure the directors will be all men."

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