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Eva Mendes Says Husband Ryan Gosling Is A GREAT Cook -- Come On, It's Just Not Fair!

By Mike Walters

Eva Mendes just gave us one more reason to be upset that we are not Ryan Gosling, because she says he is not only the best looking man on the planet, but he is a great cook too! Come on....really?!

The actress, and wife of Gosling, revealed the information on Instagram after discussing how good the cookies were she was eating.

A person questioned her in the comment section about Ryan cooking for her and the reaction is priceless...or terrible if you are comparing yourself to him.

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Ryan Gosling Is Good At Everything...

Gettyimages | Robert Kamau

Eva posted a video of herself eating a cookie, with the caption, "On way home after a long day. Really wanted to thank the best catering service ever @electricavenuechef Gracias to Karen and Austin who make delish clean food with so much love. And it’s not just the food, it’s their beautiful smiles, it’s the music they play while they cook, its all of it. Aaaaand they sent me home with these heart shaped macaroons so you know I’m a lifer now!!"

A fan asked her in the comment section, "Love macaroons what’ else did they make there and do you and Ryan cook at all?

He Can't Be A Good Cook Too...Right?!


So Eva dropped this bombshell, "Ryan is an amazing chef AND baker. For reals. Incredible. No joke. I’m not sure that what I do is cooking. Its more like steaming veggies and juicing and making rice. He really cooks. I survive."

So, on the one hand, this is really great. The A-list couple has two kids and a very busy life so if dad cooks that is awesome. But, on the other hand, Ryan Gosling already pretty much has everything else, so shouldn't he be bad at something?!!

Ryan Gosling Cooking Show?!


The fan loved the response from Eva and thanked her for sharing the information. "Wow I’m so beyond excited you responded your amazing omg what does he like to cook and bake for your family ? That’s incredible ! He should do a cooking video with you on your insta . And that is cooking what you do steaming veggies making rice are you kidding not everyone can make rice trust me that’s hard especially everyone who makes it delicious . And juicing is definitely something that counts don’t sell yourself short . Wow i would love to see a video or joint coobook from you guys I’m so intrigued what’s your favorite thing he makes ? And you most definitely do survive hard working as a business woman and mother," the person wrote.

We agree, maybe a shirtless Ryan Gosling cooking show?!

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