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Mother of 8-Year-Old Girl Selling Water Says Community Rallied Around Her Daughter With Hugs and Donations

By TheBlast Staff

Erin Austin, whose 8-year-old daughter Jordan went viral after a woman dubbed "Permit Patty" pretended to call cops on her for selling water bottles, says her "faith in humanity has been restored" by the public's outpouring of love, support, and donations for her daughter.

Austin tells The Blast that the experience has been truly uplifting for her and says strangers have stopped her daughter on the street to give her hugs and donations.

"The support from strangers has been so positive and is such a blessing!" Austin says. "I'm glad this has become a learning experience for my little girl — do the right thing and it'll all work out."

Jordan Rodgers' entrepreneurial efforts were anything but thwarted because she went out the next day and made bank.

"People were walking by saying, 'I saw you on the news' and others stopped in traffic to get out and buy her water," Austin says, adding that one woman approached her daughter only wanting a hug and to donate some spending money for her Disneyland trip, which has already been funded by a stranger.

We're told Jordan actually sold less water her second day but made more money.

The positivity persisted throughout the weekend. Austin says she can't even keep up with all the supportive messages and offers.

Austin says, "There are so many people reaching out, a man in Austin, Texas sent me a receipt to pick up 12 cases of water ... a D.C. collective owner (black woman) is in S.F. to meet my daughter and take our family out to dinner. Others are asking if they can help and want to see her happy."

For anyone who may have missed it, Alison Ettel – who has been given the moniker “Permit Patty” – was the subject of widespread Internet hate after a viral video showed Ettel allegedly calling the cops to report Austin's 8-year-old daughter Jordan for selling water bottles without a permit in front of her San Francisco apartment to raise money for a Disneyland trip.

The video, filmed by Austin, was reminiscent of another incident that went viral last month when a White Oakland resident, now known as "BBQ Becky," called the police to report a black parkgoer and his friends for using a charcoal grill in a non-designated area.

As for Patty, she broke down in tears Monday morning and relayed her side of the story to "Today."

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