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Nick Cannon Calls Eminem The 'KKK' In New Diss Track, Fans Think He Is Acting Like 'Stan'

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By Mike Walters

Nick Cannon's ongoing beef with Eminem just took a nasty turn for the worst, after the 'Masked Singer' host accused the rapper of being the 'KKK' of his generation in a new diss track.

Cannon just dropped his third diss track called 'Canceled: Invitation' going after Eminem, and the Detroit rapper has yet to respond to any of them.

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Nick Cannon: Eminem Calls Eminem A Racist

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In the song, Nick pulled old Eminem lyrics and looped them over and over as it's hook. "Black girls are b***hes, black girls are dumb." Obviously, Cannon is pointing out the lyrics are racist, and during his diss record, he says he is standing up for all black women against the rapper.

In the newest track, Nick makes the point that the hip-hop community allowed Eminem into the culture but his denegrating of black woman is cause to stop allowing him to be involved. He says "the black community let Em be a guest in their house, but now he's canceled."

Here The Diss Track!


He also says Marshall Mathers treats all his black friends like indentured slaves. Eminem can also be heard in the new track rapping about Mariah Carey, calling her a "whore" a "slut" and a c***.

Many fans have reacted to this newest diss track and are comparing Nick to Eminem's famous song character 'Stan.' If you recall, Stan can not get Eminem to respond and ends up killing himself.

The Real Life 'Stan'?

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"Damn, nick really the one acting like a Stan, he keeps writing and writing and still no response. I’m sorry Nicholas I hope he gets back to you soon, Even if he doesn’t, just remember he’s busy, you know, with being a living legend and whatnot. " one fan tweeted.

Another fan commented, "Stan sent Eminem 3 verses before killing himself. Nick Cannon is officially in the car right now doing 90 on the freeway."

"We’re literally witnessing Stan in real life, At least we know @eminem replies on the fourth," a fan pointed out.

Eminem Set To Respond?


Many others online are claiming the diss tracks are flops, including a few that calling it just plain annoying.

"Which one is more annoying... Nick trying to get Em to respond to “B-grade” disses, or hearing Mariah sing “All I Want for Christmas” every day starting on Black Friday through Christmas Day?" a tweet read.

Someone added, "They generally get worse after the first one. This is no exception... Let’s call it a strikeout instead of a trilogy."

Eminem has yet to respond to any of Nick Cannon's diss tracks. Maybe he will now...

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