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Emily Ratajkowski Blurs The Line Of Business Casual While Wearing Nothing Underneath Her Blazer

By Jeff Mazzeo

You know you are a boss when you can roll into work sporting no shirt and only a suit jacket and that's what Emily Ratajkowski does. The main difference between her job and yours is that she is encouraged to wear less clothing.

The model shared a picture to her Instagram where she looked amazing and gave the impression that looking that good is effortless for the 28-year-old but the NSFW picture had a purpose. She used the sultry snap to announce that her clothing line, Inamorata woman, is venturing into the world of suits!

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It Suits Her


Emily's blazer is a beautiful powder blue and matches her incredibly short skirt. In one shot, she used her hands to hold the jacket closed so as not to expose herself and she flashed a peace sign in a mirror selfie her friend took.

From the look of her surroundings, it appears that the photos were taken in her house which she often shows off on social media. Her dog decided it was time for his close up and walked behind his bare-chested mother just as the photographer snapped the picture.

That's Not A Shirt!


The star is no stranger to showing off a little skin on the gram, she just showed off her assets while sunbathing on a beach on November 7. Emily posted a picture of herself where she covered up her top with a leopard print sun hat and appeared to be peeling her bathing suit bottom down. Ratajkowski did her part to make the picture sexier by arching her back on a lounge chair.

There are doing some good work over at the Inamorata company.

Home Sweet Home


After several recent work trips, the model expressed how happy she was to be home at the end of October. How did she show her appreciation for being in her own home? By drinking coffee on her couch naked of course!

The star once again used her hands to cover up her amble top and counted on the specific placement of her coffee cup as to not flash her bottom to the camera.

"Mornings at home," the star captioned the photo. If you ever find yourself at a party at her amazing house, remember that this picture was not the first time she has been naked on the couch.

She's Got A Man


Emily married Sebastian Bear-McClard last year. When she is stressed out about work it is nice to know that she can come home to Sebastian and their fur babies. It also helps that he does not mind if Emily lays around the house all day wearing minimal clothes.

Their pooch, Colombo seems to be the model's biggest fan because he is always around when the clothes come off and the cameras come out.

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