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The Sting Is Still There

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Actress Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen on the ever-popular HBO fantasy series "Game Of Thrones," says she's still upset over the negative backlash the show received for the way Season 8 ended. But in reality, she says she hasn't been feeling this way every minute of the day since the show ended months ago.

She Was Busy With Things At the Time


Clarke says she was focusing on herself in the moments after the show's finale, and she wasn't paying attention to outrage from fans.

“I was too busy focusing on my own reactions to really pay too much attention, if any at all.”

She Felt Bad For the Producers

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She adds that what hurt her the most was the fact that the producers of "Game Of Thrones," David Benioff and Dan Weiss, were treated so poorly.

"The only thing I felt truthfully sad about was that [executive producers] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] are my really good friends, and so it’s for them that I feel heartbreak, because it’s theirs."

Can't Please Them All

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Clarke, as reported by Indie Wire, says she realizes that not everyone can be pleased with everything. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Clarke said:

“Everyone is going to have their own opinion and they’re fully entitled to them. It’s art and it’s to be dissected and taken on in whatever individual way you wish. And if you’re sad that the show is done and you’re sad because you enjoyed watching it, then that’s sad.

It sucks this wasn’t the perfect ending that people were hoping for, but I truly believe we would never have made everyone happy.”

'Last Christmas' Her Next Project

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Clarke is looking ahead to her new movie, which just hit theaters: Last Christmas, which stars her, Henry Golding, Emma Thompson and others. The movie, directed by Paul Feig, focuses on a department store employee and her budding romance, just as the holiday season approaches.

Last Christmas is her first project after "Game Of Thrones," and Clarke explains why she chose it without hesitation:

"It was pitched to me like, 'Emma Thompson has written a movie.' And I was like, 'I don’t even need to read it. Yes, I’m in, I’m 100 per cent in.” I think she is the greatest human and with the double combo of Paul Fieg directing, it was an absolute no-brainer. Worst-case scenario, we were at least going to have a wonderful time."

Blinded By the Lights

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Clarke told the Daily Telegraph that filmmakers really went above and beyond with the set details, which are meant to convey the "magic and allure" of the holiday season.

"I’m used to the magic and allure of London at Christmas — they kind of take it to the next level there, and our amazing set designers added enormous amounts of fairy lights to every scene."

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