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Elvis Presley's Graceland Vandalized With Graffiti Saying 'Defund The Police'

By Mike Walters

Elvis Presley's home, Graceland, was hit by vandals who graffitied political messages on the wall surrounding the property, including 'Defund the Police' and 'Black Lives Matter.'

According to multiple reports, individuals armed with spray cans targeted the wall outside of Graceland on Elvis Presley Blvd. in Memphis, Tennessee, and also hit other landmarks including the Levitt Shell Amphitheater and the 'I Heart Memphis' mural in Memphis.

The vandalism at the 'I Heart Memphis' mural was actually caught on tape by a surveillance camera from a nearby business.

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Graceland Wall Hit With Messages 'Defund The Police' & 'BLM'


As you can see, workers from Graceland have already started the clean-up, using powerwashers to attempt the removal of the graffiti.

According to WMC 5 News in Memphis, a spokesperson for Graceland had no comment on the situation, but a rep for the Levitt Shell said this is the sixth time it has been targeted by vandals this year alone.

Bill Standly, Elvis' stepbrother claims he is appalled that anyone would deface the King of Rock-n-Roll's home in this fashion.

“This is totally uncalled for, one of the saddest days of my life. I mean, besides the day that Elvis passed away, this right here is right up next to it.”

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Interestingly, Tennessee's state representative Antonio Parkinson had a different take on the situation -- pointing out the massive amount of graffiti already existing on the wall.

“What’s the real issue here? Every visitor that has come to Graceland has written on that wall and there were no complaints. So, really, it’s WHAT was written, not the fact that it was written," he posted on Facebook.

It's an interesting point, considering the amount of colorful language and writing in the photographs.

The executive director of the stage, however, is upset by the tagging considering it is not something normally done to the grounds.

Elvis' Stepbrother Calls It 'One Of The Saddest Days Of My Life'


“That’s why this is such a devastating situation seeing it this morning,” the spokesperson said.

Adding, “It’s getting worse.”

The executive director says she hopes the historic space can be a place where the community can heal. “Defacing our stage is not appropriate; however, we acknowledge their pain and we want to say to our community -- it’s time the conversations are deeper, they’re more productive and that change happens with good communication," she said.

As for the video, it's currently under investigation, but reports say it shows two cars pull up to the mural right before 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning, and five people can be seen getting out to spray paint the messages.

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