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Ellen DeGeneres' Wife Portia de Rossi Trashed After Showing Support For Talk Show Host Amid Investigation

By Ryan Naumann

Ellen DeGeneres' wife Portia de Rossi is being trolled on social media after trying to show support for the talk show host.

Portia posted a quote on Instagram reading, “I stand by Ellen.” #IstandByEllen, which she created shortly after the hashtag #ReplaceEllen started to trend with actual people suggesting replacements for Ellen.

It would appear Portia is implying the tweets are the work of bots. However, Portia failed to speak about the actual allegations from ex-talk show employees of alleged racism, sexual misconduct, and workplace intimidation.

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Many people were quick to criticize Portia’s post. One wrote, “This can’t be real. Have some accountability. It isn’t made up when it’s dozens of employees and years of bad stories. stop acting like she is a victim when there are real victims.”

Another said “Because you have something to hide, that’s wy” and “I DONT STAND WITH ELLEN!”

“Dont stand by Ellen when the truth finally came out and theres proof shes mistreated some of her guests,” commented another person.

Over the last couple of months, many former employees at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” have spoken out about the horrid treatment they endured on set.


Warner Bros. launched an investigation following a report from BuzzFeed.

Ellen wrote a letter to her staff that was then leaked to the press. It read, “As we've grown exponentially, I've not been able to stay on top of everything and relied on others to do their jobs as they knew I'd want them done. Clearly some didn't. That will now change and I'm committed to ensuring this does not happen again."

Many called BS on Ellen’s apology saying she was fully aware of what was going on but turned a blind eye. Brad Garrett and Lea Thompson have both spoke out against Ellen’s behavior saying she isn't the nicest person. Other former staffers say Ellen was fully aware of what was going on behind the scenes.

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